Fistula also Known as vesico vaginal fistula is a destructive condition that affects women and girls across Africa. It is a hole between the birth canal and bladder/rectum caused by prolonged , obstructed labor without access to timely and quality medical treatment which results to uncontrolled  leakage of urine. Leading to social isolation, skin infections,skin disorders and death if untreated.

Causes Of Fistula.

  • Sexual violence
  • early marriages and child-birth
  • harmful traditional practices
  • Lack of access to maternity care (financial catastrophe, geographical and culture)
  • poverty

Ways in Which Fistula can be avoided

  • timely access to quality obstetric care especially cesarean section
  • Delaying the age of first pregnancy
  • Cessation of harmful traditional practices

Some of the challenges faced mostly is lack of awareness and lack of commitment to address and resolve the issue. Kenya being a developing country face this challenges, however through donations and government funds they have improved in terms of awareness for instance, they had free fistula treatment to all women across the country at Kenyatta National Hospital from 16/June/2017 to 30/June/2017, also the number of  health centres offering fistula treatment has increased so as to reach women allover the country.  This institutions include:-

Kenyatta National Hospital- Nairobi

Jaman Mission Hospital-Nairobi

Isiolo Development Project- Isiolo

Daraja MbiliVision volunteers-Kisii

Gynocare Fistula Center- Eldoret

Bomu Hospital-Mombasa

Wamba catholic Hosp-Samburu

Women and Development Against Distress In Africa-(WADADIA)

Cherangany Nursing Home-Kitale

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital-Kisumu


Universal access to safe delivery care and Maternal health care are assured ways of reducing or getting away with Fistula in our country.


“Women with obstetric Fistula are indicators of the failure of health systems to deliver accessible, timely and quality care”




So i decided to visit an epilepsy clinic just to confirm that epilepsy was demonic. Some days back i had told a friend that epilepsy was demonic she laughed out loud and thought i was kidding i asked her she could check out on google to confirm.If epileptic people themselves believe that it is a devil attack  when a seizure occurs who am I?

At the epilepsy clinic the next patient was called and entered a young girl in a sweatshirt written “Count me in” she was confident enough and so open to the doctor and i was interested. As  the Dr took some notes this girl explained how she normally rebuke the demons not to attack her but to go to the herd of pigs she was quoting a bible verse where demons were send out of a person to the herd of pigs  and died in the lake. This young girl just confirmed my thoughts, no , she didn’t .

whenever an epileptic patient experiences a seizure a portion of brain cells is affected thus affecting them mentally.Epileptic patients are associated with high temper, child mentality type of personality. These people are meant to be loved and understood. Remember stigma kills at any circumstance.

So what is epilepsy?

It is a chronic disease with  a high prevalence rate.

Causes of epilepsy

  • Genetic inheritance
  • Obstructed[prolonged labor
  • ABO incompatibility
  • Cerebral malaria
  • Injury during pregnancy

How Epilepsy can be managed..

  • Use of anti conversants

Give the victim work to do to avoid an idle mind.

Balanced diet  in every meal

  • Use of anti conversant drugs help to reduce no. of seizures

Several factors affect the number of attacks one could experience.

Some people would experience more seizure when sad or feeling lonely.

There are girls who experience more seizure when their monthly periods are almost, one should use an extra anti-conversant tablet, though this should be described by the Dr.

  • Epileptic patients are supposed to be taught on how to accept themselves the way they are. I know this is a little bit hard but what do we do to things we can’t control?
  • People living with these patients should show love and support  all time.


When a seizure occurs make sure the patient is no near fire and let them lie as the picture below so as to drain the saliva.

NB: Do not struggle the patient or try to insert objects in the mouth

So epilepsy is not demonic and can be healed through prayers like any other disease .






For quite a while i have been hearing of fibroids, in my mind i have never had  a clear understanding of what they were until a friend told me she was misdiagnosed with fibroids. It is the high time we started campaigns on ‘help me know my body parts” maybe it will help reduce this diagnosis errors.

So fibroids are non cancerous tumors that grow on the female uterus. They are made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue.

Women child bearing years (16-50) are at a high risk of developing uterus although fibroids  most of the time happen to women when they are almost menopause stage.

Fibroids are not large enough to be detected by a health practitioner  during a physical examination. They can be diagnosed through X-RAY, trans-vaginal ultrasound, MRI,and endometrial biopsy.

Causes of fibroids are still unclear but they seem to develop when estrogen levels are higher than the progesterone. Estrogen levels decreases when menopause is almost.

Symptoms of Fibroids

  •  Lower Abdominal pains
  • Frequent urination
  • an increase in menstrual bleeding
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • increase in waist size
  • infertility although many women with fibroids don’t have problem getting pregnant

Treatment for fibroids can be done through medication for women who have child bearing plans or hysterectomy ( removal of the uterus)



Vitligo is a disease that causes loss of skin color in blotches. Pigment cells (melanocytes) are responsible for our skin color. Vitligo occurs when these pigment cells stop functioning or are destroyed.The cause of this disease is  still unknown but it is said to be an autoimmune disease and also hereditary.

It affects people of all skin color but it is more noticeable on a dark skin. It occurs mostly at the age of (20-40) years

This disease can be managed by:-

  • Applying Sunscreen protecting cream that preventing the sun’s ultraviolet radiation from reaching the skin.
  • Applying mixture of mustard oil + turmeric powder on affected areas.
  • Exercising to boost the metabolic rate and strengthen immune system.
  • Eating whole foods and meals with balanced nutrients helps your skin glow.
  • consuming vitamins and minerals with vitamins A,C B12, copper , zinc and folic acid may support re pigmentation of the skin.


Do you have a medical cover?Are you thinking of having one?Can’t you see the importance of having a medical cover? This is exactly your post

So many factors that hinder us from accessing health services from social factors, geographical factors to financial factors. In this post i would like to talk about financial factors. We all have heard of people who get to a point of selling their property due to their health condition it gets worse when  they start doing fundraising to cater for their hospital bills. I’m not saying fundraising is bad i’m just saying there is a better way of paying hospital bills that may not push you to that. Medical covers aren’t new to us we have all heard of them and because i’m familiar with NHIf (National Health Insurance Funds), i’ll use it in more than once in this post.

There are several payment methods for health services, Out of pocket payment method  can cause large households to incur catastrophic expenditures which in turn subjects them to poverty.  Hold on, what do i mean,  In my neighborhood there is Tom and Edward  they are both in their early forties with families, they visit the same hospital frequently due to their health condition. Tom uses NHIF card while Edward uses out of pocket payment method. Tom prepays for health services using NHIF KSH 500 monthly that caters for him and his family (wife and children). So every time he visits the hospital his first point is at the NHIF office for verification of his membership  , he doesn’t pay anything to the hospital, while Edward who uses out of pocket payment method , his first point is at the cash office where he pays KSH 50 for registration then goes through the record department then to the health practitioner , if the health practitioner needs some lab tests from Edward then he has to go back to the cash office to pay for the tests which will cost him approximately KSH 300, after the results are out the health practitioner prescribes medication for Edward so he has to pass through cash office once again to pay for the medicine which cost him maybe KSH 250. By the time Edward leaves the hospital he has spent KSH 600 that day while Tom pays KSH 500 monthly . We don’t know how many times they both will visit the hospital that month but we all know that they do it frequently.With this example i hope we all understand how purchasing health services using out of pocket payment method can subject people to poverty. Key to protecting people is to ensure prepayment and pooling of resources for health, rather than relying on people for paying for health services out of pocket at the time of use.

I want to imagine that 40% of Kenyans decides to use medical covers whichever they feel comfortable with, won’t this be the first step of achieving SDG number 1 of eradicating poverty?? Get yourself insured for health, illnesses shouldn’t change our lifestyle.




Not once or twice I’ve heard a friend say “God, I’m depressed.”, what comes in my mind is does this person really know what depression is, most are the times when one is anxious, tired, or even stressed. Stress and depression are two very different things. Depression is intense unlike stress.

So, depression is a mood disorder or a mental health disorder that is characterized with persistently depressed mood.

Depression is caused by a combination of psychological  factors, biological, genetic and environmental.

What does depression look like?

It is associated  with loss of interest in activities causing significant impairment in daily life. It is a mood disorder so it affects how one feels , think, and handle daily activities such as sleeping, eating and working.

Symptoms of depression.

  • Persistent sad, anxious, empty mood
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • irritability
  • feelings of guilt, restlessness
  • fatigue

The symptoms must must be present for at least two weeks.

On symptoms of depression one can reach a point of neglecting themselves, where they can stop taking shower, brushing teeth would still sleep all day even to a point of not visiting the loos and maybe shit on themselves.

How to curb with depression.

Apart from therapy and medication. One can recover from depression by

  1. Challenging negative thoughts, stop seeing yourself as a looser and start seeing the winner in you.
  2. Exercising,  is a therapy you need everyday will help you FOCUS.
  3. Sleeping adequate. Have enough rest do not oversleep or sleep less at least 6 hrs a day.
  4. Engaging in activities.Maybe you just finished college don’t have a job yet go volunteer get to learn new things and make friends. You can even a team of whatever game you love.
  5. Food. Eat healthy. Take lots of water.
  6. Set goals. On whatever project or achievement you wanted make deadlines and try  hard to achieve  step by step.
  7. Avoid negative people.

There is life there is hope you won’t die.Depression means there is no life, no hope you are dying.





Ways to reduce heart diseases


There are many types of heart diseases here are 5 ways to lower them.

  1. Eat fruits and vegetables

Consuming eight or more servings of fruits and veges daily can reduce the risk of heart attack by as much as 40%. This is also known to  lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as help control body weight all of these reductions further decreases the risk of developing heart diseases.

2. Exercise

Regular moderate exercise keeps the heart strong and lower the risk of developing heart diseases developing heart disease. Work outs also reduces cholesterol, helps control blood sugar decreases stress and lower blood pressure. 30 to 40  minutes daily aerobic exercise strengthen the heart and lungs while lowering overall cardiovascular risk.

3.Monitor body weight.

Too much body weight especially obesity increases the risk of heart disease. It is important to get to a healthy body weight and maintain it. To lose weight most women should eat between 1200 and 1500 calories daily. Don’t give up loosing as little as 5% and 10% of body weight can significantly reduce cardiovascular risk.

4.Consider Non-hormonal forms of Birth control.

Many women especially those who are overweight or older, may experience elevated blood pressure when taking oral contraceptives.Women who fall in those categories should consider an alternative of birth control.

5.Reduce stress

If stress itself is a risk factor for heart disease, it could be because chronic stress exposes your body to unhealthy, persistently elevated levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Stress is also linked to changes in the way blood clots thus increases the risk of heart attack.

8 Reasons as to why you need to take more water.

Here are reasons as to why you need to drink more water.

Water helps the body :-

  • Relieve fatigue
  • Improve overall health
  • Loose weight for those trying to keep fit or are in the weight loss journey.
  • Increase metabolism.
  • Get you healthier skin.
  • Prevent some diseases like kidney stones, diabetes, and constipation.
  • Improve digestion
  • Flush out toxins

Individuals who don’t take enough water are normally

dehydrated, tired,  colored urine(pale yellow) and cracked lips.

One is supposed to take an approximate 3 litres a day or eight glasses. Avoid soft drinks,juice and alcohol as much as possible.

How to avoid constipation this festive season

Constipation feels like you have an obstruction with some bowel movement or you have to strain 25% for a long call or its a pass hard or lumpy stools of bowel movements.
Constipation happens to different people for different reasons a large number of women suffer from constipation during pregnancy there’s also travelling constipation and now the constipation that occurs due to the type of food you take or eating more than enough.
During festive season people happen to hold so many parties, invite friends, have a good time, cook different delicious meals and you don’t wanna miss any of the meals prepared.

Here is how you can avoid constipation this festive season.

1.Drink a minimum of 3 ltrs water.
2.Eat smaller meals you can decide to do this regularly to allow your body absorb food.
3.Minimize on the fried foods.
4.Avoid going overboard on the sugar content.
5.Avoid late night dinners.
6.Exercise an hr every day best when done in the morning.

This is how you can know if you are constipating.
1.Bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass.Stool is often hard and dry.
2.Abdominal pain
4.Feeling as if one has not completely passed the bowel movement in every occasion.

How to handle constipation.

  • Grind ginger soak in warm water and drink.(home remedy).
  • You can also slice coriander leaves soak in warm water and drink(home remedy)
    Alternatively one can decide to sit/squat on the toilet for like 30 minutes to help the pelvic bowel movements.
    Can also prefer medication e.g ENO helps to relieve the gases


There are more than 100 types of arthritis but the common ones are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.Arthritis is simply joint inflammation.There are several factors that influence arthritis which include:- age,family history , infection and immune system dysfunction and lifestyle.

Osteoarthritis- is mostly associated with tear and wear of the joint as one ages,  inflammation in the joint and a previous damage to the joint such as fracture or any other injuries.


  • joint pain
  • progressive stiffness that develops gradually.
  • Decreased range of motion

Managing osteoarthritis

  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Avoid sports injuries through proper equipment
  • Adequate training and safe play help prevent tears
  • Exercise frequently

Rheumatoid arthritis.

This refers to painful swelling, inflammation and stiffness in the fingers, arms, legs and wrists occurring in the same joints on both sides of the body especially when one wakes up.

Symptoms and management are similar to those of osteoarthritis mentioned above

In rheumatoid arthritis body’s immune system attacks the lining of the joint capsule.This  lining known as the synovial membrane becomes inflamed and swollen.If the disease progresses it can destroy cartilage and bone within the joint.

Arthritis is diagnosed through imaging services and lab tests.


Arthritis treatment focuses on relieving symptoms and improving joint function.One can try out the  medications according to the type of arthritis to find out that works best.




New prevention methods for HIV


Although individuals, health practitioners and organisations have put much effort on fighting against HIV/Aids,It is still among the major killer diseases in the country. People who are at high risk of getting HIV include gays (MSM), sexual workers, people with multiple sexual partners and people who inject illicit drugs.Recently Prep has been introduced as a new prevention method which people who don’t have HIV infection take a pill daily to reduce their risk of becoming infected.

Both PREP and PEP are medications for preventing transmission of HIV virus. Pre exposure prophylaxis(PREP) is an HIV prevention option for those people who are at a high risk of getting infected. It is highly effective for preventing HIV if used as prescribed but less effective when not taken consistently.

PREP is a once-daily pill which is supposed to be taken for 28 days before exposure to a risk of being infected.

Who is supposed to take PREP

PREP is for people who are at high risk of being infected with HIV.They include:-

  • Sexual workers
  • discordant couples(HIV positive and HIV negative partners in a sexual relationship).
  • People with multiple sexual partners.
  • Gays.

prep is supposed to be used along with safer sex practices such as condom use and regular HIV testing.This drug is taken before exposure to risk of infection.


post exposure prophylaxis is taken within 72 hrs after exposure to HIV and consist of a month of treatment.

Pep is mostly for:-

  • people who have had forced sex(rape)
  • if breakage of condom has occurred.
  • when one has had sex (unprotected) with people whose status  is unknown.